Things That Make Lottery Players Immediately Banned

Lottery house website also has rules, and some of the rule breaks will make a player immediately banned. As a popular casual number guessing game in Asia Pacific, lottery has massive community members and many websites to play. They can be new websites with small amount of deposit and withdrawal limits, or popular websites with many players and bigger winning prizes. There are also forums that help players communicating, including giving suggestions, ideas, predictions and even warnings about scammers. With such big community, it is no wonder that this game also has rules between members, which will make players immediately banned if they violate one.

Strict Rules for Lottery Website Members

The ultimate rule that will make a lottery website member immediately banned is posting referral links and spam links, whether they are about another lottery websites or irrelevant products. This is because many new players in a legitimate lottery websites got scammed by new websites that claimed to offer more (lower deposit limit, higher withdrawal amount, more bonuses, etc). Therefore, legitimate websites take drastic action to protect their reputation and ban players who do this.

Another violation with instant banning as punishment is posting cell phone numbers to sell certain products and other services. This is also other way of spamming, and many legitimate websites do not want to deal with disappointed players who get scammed by these unwanted guests. Therefore, it is not a good idea to post the link or cell phone numbers to your own business.

As for other standard rules for lottery website members, they are grouped into your typical netiquette standard: no racist or bigot comments, no offensive languages, and no rude comments especially when having a discussion about the game. Some players may only get warning or instant rebuttal from other players if they commit slight offense (which is a form of social punishment itself), but severe violations will result in instant rejection and kicking out by the lottery website owners.